A Very Special Thank You To...

My beautiful wife Johanna for always being by my side (especially since the loss of Demi) and for her continued love, support and all her help with our cause to make a difference and raise awareness.
Dr. Michael Roche for his sincere dedication to our cause and devoted friendship.
Joe Cuccia Jr. for his time and energy devoted to past and future events.
Mary Volkar and the C.V.V.C. (Centers for Victims of Violence and Crime) for their counseling and support.
The senior pastor of Cornerstone Ministries in Murrysville, PA - Dr. Donn Chapman and the "Great Dads" for their fellowship. They all know the grief that comes with the loss of a child.
Martina Phillips for her valued friendship and sincere devotion in supporting our fund raising events in honor of Demi.
Ann & Chris Burke for their time, words of comfort and encouragement, insight and direction on effectively making a change in the educational system (as they did) as a result of also losing their daughter, Lindsay Ann Burke, to domestic / dating violence.
Pennsylvania State Representitive Tim Krieger and staff, State Representative H. Scott Conklin, Deborah R. Brady and their staff for their efforts for assisting us in bringing awareness to our existing educational system regarding teen dating violence.
Pennsylvania's Allegheny County District Attorney Mark Tranquilli, Detective Anthony Perry, Judge Jeffrey Manning and the Allegheny County Jurors for securing a mandatory life sentence without parole for the convicted murderer of Demi Brae Cuccia.
The Monroeville Police Department.