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Had Demi survived her brutal attack, she would be the one front and center on the stage sharing her message and educating others. I am certain she would do a much better job than I could possibly hope to do. As a family and a community, still grieving the immeasurable loss, we strive to somehow fill her shoes.

Mere words cannot begin to express the depth of my gratitude for Standard Bank of Monroeville, Assistant Superintendent Mr. William Short, Principal Pete Murphy and Teacher Tracy Ricciardi. Together, these individuals played a huge role in our return to Gateway and made a major impact on the lives of the students today.

The DBCAO TDV Awareness and Prevention Outreach Program presented at Gateway was sponsored by Standard Bank’s Standard Charitable Foundation. Over 600 students benefited from their generosity by receiving awareness t-shirts, wristbands and printed reference materials. It is our hope that these items make it home therefore, igniting a conversation between parents and their children about TDV and dating abuse.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”- today’s pictures convey how powerful your beautiful spirit remains…