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April 29, 2014 marked our 3rd visit to Greensburg Salem High School. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Gracie Smith, a senior student, who was very instrumental in seeing that our Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Outreach Program returned to GSHS. We had the privilege of sharing Demi’s powerful message with over 230 freshman students.

Talking to teens very early on about dating and relationships, even before it seems necessary, is essential to maintaining open communications between parent and child and may reduce the incidence of abuse. We are grateful to Principal David Zilli and Assistant Principal Adam Jones for recognizing the importance of our program and for welcoming us back to their district.

Following the presentation, every student in attendance received a signature LHAS xoshove≠trulove (kiss, hug, shove does not equal true love) t-shirt, Demi wristband and an informational brochure. We are hopeful that the students will carry Demi’s message with them and take part in helping us raise awareness of Teen Dating Violence!