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Sharing my daughter Demi’s message with the students of Shenango Area School District was made possible by the efforts of Jackie Dierickx, Education Outreach Supervisor of Crisis Shelter of Lawrence County ~ kayla Oliver, Prevention Education Specialist ~ Stacy Panei, who is employed by Shenango Area School district as an Inclusion Support Teacher and Intervention Specialist, and Assistant Principal Al Dorsch. We sincerely thank you for the opportunity to share our Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Program with those in attendance today. We also commend you for recognizing the importance of educating our youth and raising awareness of teen dating violence/abuse. We look forward to working with you in the weeks to come and thank you also for your financial support. This Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Program is sponsored by the Demi Brae Cuccia Awareness Organization and LHAS – Ladies Hospital Aid Society.